Math Competitions

The international Math contest is an easy 30-minute online challenge based on top math curriculum from all over the globe. This challenge is also available free of charge. It is based on different subjects like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. The official website of the International Math Competition is available for your viewing pleasure at the link below.

There are a lot of students participating in this competition. You need not worry if you do not know how to compete. There are lots of contests are offered to all. Just enter the category of your choice and you will be a part of this competition. The competition has categories that are according to the different areas of mathematics. The categories include the following:

The first place winner of the international Math contest gets a gold medal. If you get a gold medal, you will win a prize. The prizes are available in many varieties. One of the prizes is a free trip on a world tour. If you want to be a participant in this competition, then you must get registered as soon as possible. You can register through the links provided at the website. Look up “gauss math contest” online to learn more.

The registration form is available in front of you and it does not take much time to complete. You can fill up the details about yourself and you will receive a confirmation email. You must be careful about filling up the information about your identity because there is a possibility of getting into some scam. Once you fill up the details, you will be sent a confirmation link. This is where you should provide your email address so that you can confirm your account after the completion of the process. If you do not give any email, you will not be able to receive the confirmation email.

The next and most important step is the participation. All participants must be enrolled for the contest and you must fill up the enrollment form. You should try to participate as early as possible because this process will not be completed on your time.

You have different prizes that are given away depending on the type of entries that you have submitted. You can get a gold medal by filling up the entry form. and clicking on the link given at the competition’s home page. You can also get a plaque, a diploma or certificates. Learn more about math competition online now.

Go to to know more.

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